Professional Team Members

Meet the people who care enough to make anything happen

DM Visuals Professional Team

It has been a great journey becoming what we are today. All of our team members thrive on the goal of providing the public with the absolute best Web, Technical, Marketing and Development services available at this time. Most of our staff members possess an entrepreneurial spirit for doing business. Therefore, even though they are unique individuals, we offer a unified service that is hard to match when it comes to arriving at a common goal. Unmatched self motivation is what you will encounter on every project.

Tracy N. Crumedy

Tracy has had a dream of being a business owner since childhood. Growing up in Baltimore Maryland, she is the youngest of three siblings. With a history of great stability in the work force she has achieved a 28 year work relationship with one of San Antonio's leading Manufacturing Company's as a lead supervisor. That experience has taught her the benefits of working along side clients in order to achieve exactly what is asked of her by the client. She has a keen ear for listening for the unspoken request by clients..

Daphne M. Crumedy

Daphne has been a successful business owner for over 7 years now and has been called the Bible of Home Health Medical Coding. Having created a reputation in the Medical Coding arena as the best in the business, or the HomeCare DIVA, Daphne offers a clear understanding of quality assurance from all four corners. Having ammassed a large quantity of health agencies through her company CCQS -Crumedy Coding and Quality Services, we are delighted to have Daphne on the team as she possesses a real insight into what it takes to mend our projects together without the fear of losing quality.

Dr. James Wilcox Jr.

James currently serves as Senior Academic Officer at an assigned campus of Strayer University. With a phenomenal background that covers a multitude of academic, educational, spiritual, managerial and cultural achievements, Dr. Wilcox has made his mark in society's who's who and is still setting the standard with new entrepreneurial and social academia. Providing an unmatched humble yet profound insight into business and spiritual enlightenment, DM Visuals is honored to team up with Mr. Wilcox in hopes of achieving second to none services that meets the needs of the public.

Donovan M. Crumedy

Donovan has been in business for over 7 years now. He started out building databases for small mom and pop business in order to make those businesses more efficient. After working side by side with clients and learning what it took to increase sales for those small businesses it soon became apparent that he could provide a better service to the public through the design of web pages. Quickly falling in love with HTML coding and all the possibilities it could bring, he began to teach him self many other programming languages and as they say, “The rest is history”.