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"Making your words live and prosper"


The world is a unique place. We all entered into it not knowing how to communicate with our surroundings. However, from the moment we were held in the loving arms of our parents, we heard them make foreign noises that filled our hearts with trust that have comforted us from our birth moment up until now.

These noises we heard in varied in content, yet they conveyed a universal message. The message of love.

Words are eternal and they have the power to produce the exact outcome of their meaning. That's why we at DM Visuals have done countless hours of research in hopes of providing the public with a quality way of conveying the message of love even after one has passed on to the hope of glory.

Your professional High Quality Full HD captured video with a unique menu that reflects your personal character will be safe guarded in a bank safe deposit box. And will not be released to anyone other than the recipient of your choice. We GUARANTEE it.

Contact Us or watch this video (Coming Soon) for more information.

    Last Right DVD Prices

  • ONE (1) High Quality DVD with Interactive Menu $110. (This includes one premium packaged DVD stored in a secure safety deposit box, signed affidavit of legal right to beneficiary, approved edited video).
  • Each additional DVD $5.00 (One exact copy W/Printed labelling) After that, each additional copy is $20.00
  • Tracy Crumedy - Interviewer/Planner (210)-693-9865