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DM Visuals is pleased to offer simple, yet sophisticated Web Designs.

We love building websites and it’s our passion for turning your vision into a graphical work of art that represents you. It is what excites us most on a universal stage called, “The World Wide Web”. Our experienced team of knowledgeable designers and developers are waiting to serve you.

In return, you will witness a creative and dynamic representation of you, your business and your vision in a way that ensures your visitors will have a memorable encounter that will last forever. Satisfaction guaranteed or we’ll make it right.

Donovan M. Crumedy, Owner DM Visuals


Dynamic Web Designs

The result of us listening to you

DM Visuals has a simple approach to Web Design. We listen intently to your goals, your passion and your vision for your business and we pride ourselves on turning that into a visual that is an exact representation of what we heard from you. This simplistic approach has afforded us recognition as a leading Web Design company in South Texas. Something we look forward to achieving with you.


Social Media Connections and Relationships

Reaching the masses through strategic Web Marketing plans

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ are current media platforms we are utilizing to expand our clients presence on the world wide stage. With over a billion users and visitors that use these social platforms daily, we are certain of the success you are looking for when using them to advertise or promote your business.


Static Website vs a Dynamic Website

When your business is growing and moving forward we grow and move with you

Monitoring Growth

Watching your business expand and monitoring its growth will inform you of everything you need to know.

Ask the experts

Let's comprise a working system to monitor how others are using your Website. We are the experts at this.

Like Working in a Lab

We take into account everything others are using your Website for and we make the necessary adjustments which brings the best results.

Aim for the best

Websites are an extension of who you are. We aim for the best experience possible for your visitors.

Accurate Documentation

We keep accutare accounts of records, database information so you don't have to.

Secure Login Databases

With 28 bit encrympted login security, we ensure that your clients information and yours is secure.

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